Private Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intellegence

SETI League Project Argus Station
September 6, 2016 was the beginning of my quest to build a private back-yard Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) system. This was the day that I purchased a scrap TVRO dish from a local farmer, which would later be refurbished and given new life as the relector for an L-Band radio telescope.

In order to meet Project Argus requirements, I chose to build an L-Band system which is capable of monitoring the Hydrogen Line at 1420 MHz. This band is often used for radio astronomy and SETI, as it is a very quiet part of the radio spectrum. In order to operate at this frequency using a parabolic dish, it has been determined that the reflector needs to be a minimum of ten feet in diameter.

Scott Carter is the SETI League Project Argus Coordinator and Regional Coordinator for SETI League Central Canada Region. Although Scott is a new-comer to Radio Astronomy and the SETI program, he has made great progress with his station which was operational after several months of construction.

My Solar Radio Telescope Charts

Candidate Signals

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